Fiesta 40 Principales, la Mercé 2014

Mañana martes 23 de septiembre estaré actuando en el escenario de los 40 Principales en el Passeig Maria Cristina en las “Festes de la Mercé” 2014, presentando los nuevos cursos de Plastic Barcelona junto con… Continue reading

Tonight I’ll wait for you at Tibu-Ron Beach Club!!!!!

Esta noche tendré el placer de actuar en Tibu-Ron Beach Club, en Castelldefels, justo a grandes Djs como Mónica Mira, Javi Mula y Albert Ballart.  Promete ser una gran noche junto al mar,… Continue reading

New mindset. New projects.

After working as a singer-songwritter for all this years, I’m beginning to understand that I may be a little bit of a dreamer sometimes. Maybe too much I guess. Even though that-s positive… Continue reading

Once again, we go purple!!!!

After working really hard on our next track ¨Love the way” with Monica Mira and Raidel, two great professionals, we have been confirmed that it will be sign in one of our favorite… Continue reading

Performing at “La Mercé” in Formum Barcelona

Performing in Forum Barcelona for La mercé 2013. I thought I had lost this video, and I am so happy I got it back. Not everyday you perform in front of more than… Continue reading

Toxic-Save the world Mash Up at El Latino Club

Mash Up of Toxic (Britney Spears) and Save the World (Sweedish House Mafia) in Estoy Bailando the Party, at el Latino Club Barcelona. Thank you for having me!!!!! It was so much fun!… Continue reading

Live performance in Molino Barcelona

Live performance at El Molino, one of the best clubs in Barcelona. Thanks for having me! It was a great expirience to work with you!!

New logo!!!

            I finally got my new logo, made by victor de Gregorio, and I must say, I’m really happy with it!!!  

Hugo Nandez ft. Maximilian G – The Calling (Official Music Video)

  Here it is!!!!!! Our video for ¨The Calling¨. Great experience filming it, and most of all, working with Hugo Nandez on this track. I hope you like it!!!!!!  


If you liked High Enough, published by Purple Music, one of the best labels in the world, you need to listen to the acoustic version we recorded one of those days you don’t… Continue reading