New mindset. New projects.


After working as a singer-songwritter for all this years, I’m beginning to understand that I may be a little bit of a dreamer sometimes. Maybe too much I guess.

Even though that-s positive when you have a creative job, it makes you blind to reality at times, and maybe I haven’t done some things the way I was supposed to, or I have followed the rules a bit to much. I am not sure yet…

Anyway, I am happy to say that I am changing my mentality and I am going to take riskier paths in order to share with all of you everything I have to offer, and soon you will see the results of this change.

I hope i will get your support, and that you will enjoy everything I will release. Maybe on my songs I will be able to explain myself a little bit better, and you will get to know a bit more of me.

Soon I will show you new songs that will be more ambitious, and I hope they come sooner rather than later (it depends on the labels…).

I will keep you updated!